flexiOPS are a spin-off SME from Flexiant, the cloud innovators. We have a rich history spanning the IT hosted services domain including websites, DNS, domain registrar, load balancing, firewalls, dedicated solutions and data centre management. This skillset ensured we were pioneers in the cloud domain and developed leading cloud orchestration software for on-demand, automated provisioning of cloud services as well as delivering the first public cloud platform in Europe.

flexiOPS are positioned in the cloud services domain and offer a growing number of tools and consultancy/training services to help businesses make the move to the cloud painlessly and affordably, with our flexible and innovative approach. Currently we are developing a series of deployment and runtime solutions to exploit this growing market.

With a strong legacy of operating at the forefront of EU technological innovation, research and development, we are an experienced project management & development team working across a portfolio of Horizon 2020 and FP7 technology projects. In addition, flexiOPS works closely with partners to ensure project progress is disseminated successfully and that project results are exploited to their full potential. flexiOPS run a cloud testbed powered by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator (FCO) software suite to offer cloud-computing services for R&I projects.

flexiOPS were also part of a project to create Europe's first ever public cloud and the world's first installable private cloud, a preconfigured application provisioning system and a cloud resource optimisation system.