The increasing adoption of open source software is happening for a reason and whilst licensed softwares have their roles, we at flexiOPS believe strongly that open source thinking provides an enhanced path towards the solution.  

flexiOPS endeavours to engage and foster a vibrant open-source software community. To do this flexiOPS promotes the development of open-source tools and applications as well as actively producing and making these available to the community.  The flexiOPS philosophy is that a healthy open source business ecosystem will result in the advancement of cutting edge technology together with an enhanced user experience.

The benefits of open source are many and broad.  Speed and ability to adapt at the point of need, no licensing fees and a reduction in total cost of ownership provide clear advantages.  Further enhanced interoperability and the flexibility to fit the market need provides competitive advantage.

Below are some open source tools developed by flexiOPS.  Try them and let us know how they helped.  

Deployment Time Multi Cloud Application Security Tool  

flexiOPS are pleased to announce the Pre-release v0.1 of the Deployment Time Multi Cloud Application Security tool. This tool developed within the Horizon 2020 EU funded Beacon project aims to provide an automatic security evaluation and bootstrap for newly created Virtual Machines (VMs) in the cloud.



DICE Fault Injection Tool

flexiOPS are pleased to announce the release v0.1 of the DICE Fault Injection Tool. This tool developed within the Horizon 2020 EU funded DICE is a Java based tool desgined to allow the generation of faults within Virtual Machines and a FCO Cloud Provider.


Server Backup Tool

These bash scripts can be used for backing up and restoring files to/from a remote server. The scripts require Duplicity to be installed, a simple tool which uses FTP to backup and restore files, using full or incremental backups. Also supported by Duplicity is the ability to encrypt these files.



Server Initialisation Tool

Python script to programatically create and start a server using the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform. These files include methods which can be configured to interface directly with the FCO API/Platform. Once the script is properly configured, it can be utilised to create and launch a new server instance.


Image Retrieval Tool

Python script used to programatically retrieve an image from a URL, and then import it to the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform.


Cloud Orchestrator Node Monitoring Tool

Based on Flexiant's powerful Cloud Orchestrator software, these scripts allow the pulling of Node level metrics.