What is Wyld Mesh?

Wyld Mesh is a heterogeneous real-time data network, where we combine all available connectivity and transport protocols. Using RESTful Web Services, a Streaming Data Websocket service, Push Notifications, and our patent-pending Smart Device Mesh solution, Wyld Mesh forms a resilient and efficient network.

What is Smart Device Mesh Networking?

Mobile Mesh Networking leverages a smart device's ability to communicate directly with other nearby devices via Bluetooth and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi, extending the reach of this nearby network by allowing data to multi-hop between devices, providing communication to devices not directly connected.

Why do we need a Smart Device Mesh?

Smart Device Mesh networking is the ultimate emergency solution, as there is no single point of failure and it's impervious to power failures.  Smart Device Mesh networking provides connectivity where there is none, and it also creates value through increased density of interactions between business, people and things. As an organisation increases the density of its connections, it increases the potential value it can realise from those connections.

Why is Mobile Device Mesh better than the Cloud?

There is no single point of failure because there's no central authority. When you combine this with an always-on cloud streaming service for real-time data, you have continuous sustainable connectivity, Wyld Mesh.

What are the benefits of wyld mesh?

Efficient:  Delivers information efficiently over mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and P2P Wi-Fi, reducing contention for existing services.

Personal and Direct:  More direct and personal connections drive better engagement and reduce exposure of information over the Internet.

Scalable:  As a mesh network becomes denser, connectivity time essentially remains constant, whereas with a star topology, as the number of users increase, contention for the resource at the centre of the star, the router or cell tower, increases causing slow or no connectivity. The only way to scale-up the system to accommodate the increase in users, is to upgrade the infrastructure.

No Single Point of Failure:  Traditional Star-topology networks, from Cellular Mobile to Wi-Fi networks, strain as user numbers increase. As Mesh connectivity becomes denser, it becomes more robust.

Cost Effective:  A software-only solution that can operate without the need for hardware, sim cards or data plans.

Easy to Use:  Integrate the Wyld Mesh Smart Device library into your projects within minutes.

The Wyld Components

The Wyld Fusion Services API is a platform to manage the gateway between the Mesh and the Metro Operator's data, the security and and its operation.

The Wyld Mesh SDK is a library currently available for iOS and Android Smart Devices, that can quickly and easily be implemented into an existing project with just a few lines of code.